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Our Wishes for 2017

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Your first duty, in completing your service to your race, is to feel within you all your ancestors.


Your second duty is to throw light on their onrush and to continue their work.


Nikos Kazantakis


Let the heart and deeds to be conquered completely of timeless values. Everyone owes above all to himself in order to be able to deliver and his neighbor, to sow to the all the world

Happy New Year to all friends and companions

Greek mosaic of Asia Minor, Caria Halicarnassus (Bodrum in Turkey today)
Stone mosaic ...

Hollow Square black border containing a laurel wreath ...

In the center is a Greek inscription in black ...

Around a black branches and ivy leaves shaded with black.

The inscription:

La Ponta, Venetian Tower
Greek Bagpipe, Exhibition ~ Workshop
Castle of Akrotiri, P.O. Box 1158
Akrotiri, Santorini, Greece 84700
Tel. 0030 22860 85374

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