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A Lecture by Piero Meogrossi at La Ponta : Mediterranean Nostos

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Thursday 21 / 9 / 2017 at 21:00

Piero Meogrossi, award-winning Italian architect and former director of the
Colosseum of Rome, presents a lecture at La Ponta entitled:

“NeoAntiqueNow (NAN) Mediterranean Nostos: Crete, Santorini, Rome”

A Cultural Model for the Revival of European Society

Having worked for thirty years restoring and studying the archaeological monuments
of Rome, Mr. Meogrossi has concluded that nothing in ancient Rome was built at
random. Instead, he believes that the city’s monuments were constructed along an
axis which extends to the holy site of Lentas in Southern Crete. His conclusion is
based on his examination of several Minoan, Greek and Roman documents, and
archeological evidence, which testify to a very special topographical code by which
the Greeks founded Rome (VIII century b.c.).

Mr. Meogrossi believes that this ancient topographical code can be applied to the
future planning of the Mediterranean region in order to protect and enhance its
enormous cultural heritage.

*Yannis Pantazis will play music inspired by the project NeoAntiqo

Free admission ~ Reservations only at 6937520736



Summary CV
Official MIBACT R.O Chief Architect of Monuments Superintendence of Venice (1980-1983) and then of
Roman Archaeological Soprintendenza (SSBAR 1983-2011) he achieved monumental restorations discovering
important historical architectures as The Memory Theatre by Alvise Cornaro, Codevigo , Venice (1981-83) and
during his works at SSBAR several landscape projects and restorations at different scales as:
- Via Appia Antica
- Villa Quintili archaeological Park
- CeciliaMetellaMuseum
- Antonino & Faustina temple
- Antonio Cederna Center at Capo di Bove - Slope S. Gregorio restorations
- Flavian Amphitheatre and its valley
Appia Appia Appia
Forum Romanum Appia
(1985-1990) (1986-2002) (1999-2001)
(1996-1998) (2003-2007)
(1994-2003) (1996-2011)
He has got lectures and exhibits in Italy and abroad about the Urban Roman Archaeology and the Euro-
Mediterranean ancient net-grid maps (1987-2015) as:
- Roma quanta fuit ipsa ruina docet
- Lentas area for the Festos Disk,
- Megala Ellas -Rome,
- Mediterranean Dreams with Italo Calvino, - Asklepios Temple in Lentas,
- Urban Roman Archaeology by MIBAC,
Pal Altemps,Rome 2016 Kamillari, Crete, 2013
Cosenza, Italy 2013 Havana, Cuba 2013
Hyrakleion, Crete 2010 Havana, Cuba 2006As Architect he has participated to national and international
competitions as :
- THE IMPERIAL FORUMS (1st prize ex equo _team Purini-Valle)
International competition Prix de Rome Piranesi

- XXVII International Meeting Urban Planners, Award in Serbia
- Danewerk Park Program, II^ European Award in Germany
- New Ways of Light for Rome after Pope Sixtus V, Utopia Award
- Appia P.A.R.C.O. Program, Winner Project, CEE _ SSBAR
- Restoration Amenhophi Court proposal, Luxor,
- Enhancement Palazzo dei Sette, Orvieto, Umbria
- Misawa Homes Project, III^ International Award in Tokyo,
Rome 2016 Belgrade 2014
Hamburg 2009 Rome 1998 Rome 1997 Egypt 1988 Italy 1980
Japan 1979
He has taught courses about the “University Training and Restoration Urban Landscape with Archaeology”
- Faculty of Architecture. Roma,
- Faculty of Architecture, Beograd, - Roger Williams University, Bristol, - IUAV Architecture, Venice
- Warsawa Polytechnic, Warsaw,
Italia 2015 Serbia 2015 U.S.A. 2001 Italia 1982 Poland 1974
President of NAN_ SognoRoma-Europe Association, Director of NOVART RESTAURI Ltd. Meogrossi is yet
going on with his researches about the FORMA URBIS ROMAE and monumental restorations addressing
issues about the Integrated “Landscape of Archaeology and Architecture for the Mediterranean Geography”
interesting Crete - Calabria – Naples - Rome – Serbia (to be Performed as TEAM AGROPOLIS) .
Meogrossi as architect-archaeologist has produced several conferences and essays moving his research
documenting more and more clearly the European archaeological environment commented in Italy and abroad
by writings, exhibits, performing projects, (1987-2016) .
Starting from the axiomatic Forma Urbis Romae whose topographical design and historical master plan must
be related always to the Heaven-Earth LENTAS CODE (SYMBOLICAL LANDSCAPE) he’s moving to publish
his book over a new Euro-Mediterranean history mapped from ...Karnak in Egypt until to Carnac in France.

La Ponta, Venetian Tower
Greek Bagpipe, Exhibition ~ Workshop
Castle of Akrotiri, P.O. Box 1158
Akrotiri, Santorini, Greece 84700
Tel. 0030 22860 85374

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